bandnine inch nails
titlethe fragile
packageStandard clear cassette x2 in clear cases with full-color folded inserts.
track listing
a1.Somewhat Damaged
a2.The Day the World Went Away
a3.The Frail
a4.The Wretched
a5.We`re In This Together
a6.The Fragile
a7.Just Like You Imagined
a8.Even Deeper
a10.No, You Don`t
a11.La Mer
a12.The Great Below
b1.The Way Out Is Through
b2.Into the Void
b3.Where Is Everybody?
b4.The Mark Has Been Made
b6.Starfuckers, Inc.
b8.I`m Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally
b9.The Big Come Down
b10.Underneath It All
b11.Ripe (With Decay)
catalog number490473-4
upc6 06949 04734 4
labelInterscope / Universal 1999
countryRussia Russia
added to catalogMarch 15, 2010

Russian cassette edition. Cassettes packaged as individual items but have the same UPC code; possibly originally shrinkwrapped together.

rarity classB