bandnine inch nails
packageDigital only release
track listing
1.Gave Up (Open My Eyes)00:00
2.Closer (Unrecalled)00:00
3.The Downward Spiral (A Gilded Sickness)00:00
4.Eraser (Reduction)00:00
5.Gave Up (Film Mix)00:00
6.Gave Up (Coldcutter)00:00
7.Gave Up (In Your Face)00:00
8.Gave Up (Full Mix)00:00
9.Gave Up (Full Mix+)00:00
10.Gave Up (More Perc)00:00
11.Gave Up (More Perc No Bass)00:00
catalog numbernone
labelnone 2012
countryUnited States United States
release dateNov. 4, 2012
added to catalogAug. 20, 2022

From ninwiki:
Uncoiled is an unofficial download-only remix compilation made up of new mixes re-created by Danny Hyde from his original source material, though they were initially believed to be outtakes from the remix sessions by all members of Coil for Fixed, Closer To God and Further Down The Spiral. A selection of these tracks was later semi-officially released as Recoiled.

Rumors of outtakes had been circulating since 1995 and in 2012, Hyde stated that he had multiple tracks in his possession. Funds were then raised by members of the Echoing The Sound forum to acquire the tracks and the collection was put up for free download in November 2012. It was later revealed by Hyde that the provenance of the remixes was not as initially understood, and that he had personally re-created them in response to being contacted by NIN fans.[1] After the release of Uncoiled, Robin Rimbaud (aka scanner) unearthed a DAT with Coil remixes of NIN songs matching the names from the PHANTOM NIN SONGS portion of the discography (see below). The audio matched what was on Further Down the Spiral - confirming that the rumors of unreleased Coil remixes were in fact just rumors.

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rarity classE