bandnine inch nails
titleuncoiled (extended)
packageDigital only release
track listing
1.Uncoiled Commentary from Danny Hyde00:00
2.Gave Up (Open My Eyes)00:00
3.Closer (Unrecalled)00:00
4.The Downward Spiral (A Gilded Sickness)00:00
5.Eraser (Reduction)00:00
6.Closer (Demo00:00
7.Gave Up Remix Commentary from Danny Hyde00:00
8.Gave Up (Flim Mix00:00
9.Gave Up (Coldcutter)00:00
10.Gave Up (In Your Face00:00
11.Gave Up (Full Mix)00:00
12.Gave Up (Full Mix+)00:00
13.Gave Up (More Perc00:00
14.Gave Up (More Perc No Bass)00:00
catalog numbernone
labelnone 2012
countryUnited States United States
release dateJan. 4, 2013
added to catalogAug. 20, 2022

From ninwiki:
A month and a half after the original Uncoiled release, a special Uncoiled Extended version was announced via an email sent to those who had donated to the release of the initial version. It included the following bonus tracks: a mock demo version of "Closer" with commentary by Hyde and two other Hyde commentaries, one on remixing "Gave Up" and one on the project in general.

The original, wide distribution download of Uncoiled had a mistakenly sped-up version of "Gave Up (Open My Eyes)", which was corrected for Uncoiled Extended and Recoiled.

discogs ref5494410
rarity classE