bandnine inch nails
titlethe definitive nine inch nails [quiet]
package19-track digital mp3-format download contained in a zip-file. Includes imagery and information file.
track listing
1.A Warm Place03:22
2.Something I Can Never Have (Still)05:55
3.Help Me I Am In Hell01:56
4.Closer (Precursor)07:16
5.Even Deeper05:48
6.La Mer04:37
7.Adrift and At Peace02:52
8.Beside You In Time05:21
9.The Day the World Went Away (Quiet)06:20
10.The Downward Spiral03:57
11.The Way Out Is Through04:17
12.The Fragile (Still)05:12
13.The Mark Has Been Made05:15
14.The Great Below05:17
15.And All That Could Have Been06:15
16.Ripe (With Decay)06:34
17.The Persistence Of Loss04:04
18.Right Where It Belongs V205:00
19.Gone, Still02:36
catalog numberseed 04
label 2005
countryUnited States United States
added to catalogJune 28, 2009

Promotional singles collection, distributed by bittorrent. MP3 files are 192k and have embedded lyrics. Third of three.

rarity classE