Closer To God
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
closer to godUS first pressing, jewel caseCD95905-21994United StatesD
closer to godUS first pressing, jewel case, no parental-advisory stickerCD95905-21994United StatesD
closerUK part 1, black disc, double-size digipack. MCPS text on disc.CDCID 596 854 059-21994United KingdomD
closer to godUK part 2, slimline jewel caseCDCIDX 596 854 061-21994United KingdomD
closerUK part 1, black disc, discolored edge on double-size digipakCDCID 596 854 059-21994United KingdomC
closer to godUS re-release. SealedCD06949590521994United StatesE
closerUS first pressing, 2-track Closer promoCDPRCD 5636-21994United StatesC
closer to godUK part 2, white-disc versionCDCIDX 596 854 061-21994United KingdomD
closer to godAustralian first pressing.CD65449590521994AustraliaC
closerFrench promo in white cardsleeve with black print.CD18721994FranceB
closer to godGerman four-track release in slimline jewelcaseCD74321 21105 21994GermanyA
closer to godUS nine-track promoCDPRCD 5664-21994United StatesC
closer to godSouth African nine-track cardsleeve releaseCDATSD-11994South AfricaS
closerUK part 1, white disc, double-size digipakCDCID 596 854 059-21994United KingdomS
closer to godUS first pressing with discolored spineCD95905-21994United StatesC
closerUK part 1, promo-stickered.CDCID 596 854 059-21994United KingdomC
closerUS two-track promo, second pressing.CDINT5P-60681994United StatesC
closer to godCanadian edition.CD06949590521995CanadaC
closer to godUS re-release.CD06949590521995United StatesE
closely fixedUK combination pack includes Fixed and part 1 of Closer.CDNI1051994United KingdomB
closer to godUK part 2, STEMRA text on disc.CDCIDX 596 854 061-21994United KingdomD
closerUK part 1 with STEMRA text on disc, different digipak text on plasticCDCID 596 854 059-21994United KingdomD
closerAustralian Promo VHS for Closer music videoVHSnone1994AustraliaB
closerUS Promo VHS for Closer (Director's Cut) music videoVHSnone1994United StatesB
closerUS cassette edition.cass98263-41994United StatesC
closerUK promo cassette from Chop em Outcass12 IS (X) 5961994United KingdomA
closerAustralian cassette edition in cardboard slipcase.cass65449826341994AustraliaB
closerUS cassette edition with item-specific advisory sticker on front.cass98263-41994United StatesC
closerUS cassette edition, no sticker. detail difference on cassette shell.cass98263-41994United StatesC
closer to godUK vinyl 12vinyl 1212IS 596 854 059-11994United KingdomC
closer to godUK vinyl 12-inch, part two.vinyl 1212ISX 596 854 061-11994United KingdomC
closer to god2x vinyl promo US version of Closervinyl 12DMD-21171994United StatesC
closerUK 12x2 vinyl promo set. No specific indication of year on item.vinyl 1212ISD 596 DJ1994United KingdomB
closer (closer to god/further away)UK Vinyl Acetate, Part 1; promovinyl 1212IS 5961994United KingdomS
closer to godUK Vinyl Acetate, Part 2; promovinyl 1212ISX 5961994United KingdomS
closerUK Promo 12 inch vinyl - Closer Part 1 (Further Away) (Sealed)vinyl 1212IS 596 854 059-11994United KingdomA