year zero era / Survivalism
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
box#1123 (of 2000) Intended to hold 9boxNIN9X042007United KingdomC
survivalismAustralian promo in stickered clear envelopeCDnone2007AustraliaA
survivalismEU promo-stickered edition.CD6 02517 30194 82007European UnionC
survivalismUK/EU two-track cardsleeve versionCD6025173019482007European UnionD
survivalismUK/EU three-track + video versionCDhalo 232007European UnionD
survivalismSealed UK/EU three-track + video versionCDhalo 232007European UnionD
survivalismEU 1-track Survivalism promo in cardsleeve.CDnone2007European UnionB
survivalismFrench single-track promo in cardsleeve.CDnone2007FranceC
survivalismNetherlands-issue single-track promo disc.CDnone2007NetherlandsS
survivalismUK two-track promo, slimline caseCDNINSURVCDP12007United KingdomD
survivalismUK two-track promo with Danish language info sticker.CDNINSURVCDP12007United KingdomC
survivalismUK edition with non-specific promo text sticker.CDNINSURVCDP12007United KingdomD
survivalismEU/UK edition, promo-stickeredCDhalo 232007United KingdomC
survivalismUK two-track promo.CDnone2007United KingdomC
survivalismUS silver-face promo, includes `edit` versionCDINTR-12068-22007United StatesB
survivalismUS black-face promo, includes `edit` versionCDINTR-12068-22007United StatesD
survivalismGreek DVD promo includes Survivalism video.DVDnone2007GreeceA
survivalismUK/EU 9 inch vinyl versionvinyl 917314382007United KingdomD
survivalismUK/EU 9 inch vinyl version. Stored in Year Zero storage boxvinyl 917314382007United KingdomD
survivalismUK nine-inch vinyl promo with flat area on cardsleeve.vinyl 9SURVIV9PRO2007United KingdomC
survivalismUK 9-inch promo, no flat area on cardsleeve.vinyl 9SURVIV9PRO2007United KingdomC
survivalismDigital edition, available from iTunes store.M4Ahalo 23i2007United StatesE
year zero era / Year Zero
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
year zeroAustralian edition. Back panel missing from this particular item.CD17324232007AustraliaD
year zeroCanadian version with inverted sticker placement.CDB0008764-022007CanadaC
year zeroChinese unauthorized item. Elaborate package with many errors.CDXR-15312007ChinaNA
year zeroEU edition.CD518959699512007European UnionE
year zeroEU edition, cover misfolded. Sealed.CD518959699512007European UnionB
year zeroFrench edition with language-specific sticker on outer wrapCD518959699512007FranceC
year zeroJapanese promo edition.CDUICS-11352007JapanD
year zeroJapanese promo in slimline jewelcase with info insertCDnone2007JapanC
year zeroMalaysian edition. EU edition with import stickers.CD518959699512007MalaysiaC
year zeroUnauthorized Russian edition.CD518959699512007RussiaNA
year zeroUkraine edition. Disc is not thermochrome.CD518959699512007UkraineD
year zeroUS BMG edition. Disc is not thermochrome. No sticker on front.CDB0008764-02 (D171283)2007United StatesC
year zeroUS promo edition, watermarked and labeled.CDnone2007United StatesS
year zeroUnauthorized Indonesian cassette.cassnone2007IndonesiaNA
year zero samplerFour-track watermarked sampler.CDnone2007United StatesA
year zeroCanadian edition, very similar to US edition.CDB0008764-022007CanadaE
year zeroEU/UK standard edition. SealedCD518959699362007European UnionE
year zeroEU/UK standard edition. Cover misfolded. SealedCD518959699362007European UnionC
year zeroJapanese edition.CDUICS-11352007JapanE
year zeroJapanese promo version, sealed.CDUICS-11352007JapanD
year zeroOfficial Russian-issue edition.CD4605026011432007RussiaE
year zeroTaiwan issue, very glossy packaging.CD518959699512007TaiwanD
year zeroUS standard CD release. `year zero` text missing from CDCDB0008764-022007United StatesB
year zeroSealed US standard CD releaseCDB0008764-022007United StatesE
year zeroHot Topic exclusive edition includes limited edition patch.CDB0008764-022007United StatesC
year zeroHot Topic exclusive edition includes limited edition patch. SealedCDB0008764-022007United StatesC
year zeroMisprint of standard US edition. Rear panel glued upside-down.CDB0008764-022007United StatesB
year zeroUS standard release, promo-stickeredCDB0008764-022007United StatesC
year zeroBest Buy edition includes free interview download.CDB0008921-02 (B0008764-02)2007United StatesD
year zeroUS vinyl edition of Year Zero. Labeled as Halo 24v.vinyl 12B0008764-012007United StatesE
year zeroEdition for EU distribution.vinyl 12B0008764-012007European UnionE