year zero era / Survivalism
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
box#1123 (of 2000) Intended to hold 9boxNIN9X042007United KingdomC
survivalismAustralian promo in stickered clear envelopeCDnone2007AustraliaA
survivalismEU promo-stickered edition.CD6 02517 30194 82007European UnionC
survivalismUK/EU two-track cardsleeve versionCD6025173019482007European UnionD
survivalismUK/EU three-track + video versionCDhalo 232007European UnionD
survivalismSealed UK/EU three-track + video versionCDhalo 232007European UnionD
survivalismEU 1-track Survivalism promo in cardsleeve.CDnone2007European UnionB
survivalismFrench single-track promo in cardsleeve.CDnone2007FranceC
survivalismNetherlands-issue single-track promo disc.CDnone2007NetherlandsS
survivalismUK two-track promo, slimline caseCDNINSURVCDP12007United KingdomD
survivalismUK two-track promo with Danish language info sticker.CDNINSURVCDP12007United KingdomC
survivalismUK edition with non-specific promo text sticker.CDNINSURVCDP12007United KingdomD
survivalismEU/UK edition, promo-stickeredCDhalo 232007United KingdomC
survivalismUK two-track promo.CDnone2007United KingdomC
survivalismUS silver-face promo, includes `edit` versionCDINTR-12068-22007United StatesB
survivalismUS black-face promo, includes `edit` versionCDINTR-12068-22007United StatesD
survivalismGreek DVD promo includes Survivalism video.DVDnone2007GreeceA
survivalismDigital edition, available from iTunes store.M4Ahalo 23i2007United StatesE
survivalismUK/EU 9 inch vinyl versionvinyl 917314382007United KingdomD
survivalismUK/EU 9 inch vinyl version. Stored in Year Zero storage boxvinyl 917314382007United KingdomD
survivalismUK nine-inch vinyl promo with flat area on cardsleeve.vinyl 9SURVIV9PRO2007United KingdomC
survivalismUK 9-inch promo, no flat area on cardsleeve.vinyl 9SURVIV9PRO2007United KingdomC
year zero era / Year Zero
titlenotesformatcat numberyrctrsc
year zeroAustralian edition. Back panel missing from this particular item.CD17324232007AustraliaD
year zeroCanadian edition, very similar to US edition.CDB0008764-022007CanadaE
year zeroCanadian version with inverted sticker placement.CDB0008764-022007CanadaC
year zeroChinese unauthorized item. Elaborate package with many errors.CDXR-15312007ChinaNA
year zeroEU/UK standard edition. SealedCD518959699362007European UnionE
year zeroEU/UK standard edition. Cover misfolded. SealedCD518959699362007European UnionC
year zeroEU edition.CD518959699512007European UnionE
year zeroEU edition, cover misfolded. Sealed.CD518959699512007European UnionB
year zeroFrench edition with language-specific sticker on outer wrapCD518959699512007FranceC
year zeroJapanese edition.CDUICS-11352007JapanE
year zeroJapanese promo version, sealed.CDUICS-11352007JapanD
year zeroJapanese promo edition.CDUICS-11352007JapanD
year zeroJapanese promo in slimline jewelcase with info insertCDnone2007JapanC
year zeroMalaysian edition. EU edition with import stickers.CD518959699512007MalaysiaC
year zeroOfficial Russian-issue edition.CD4605026011432007RussiaE
year zeroUnauthorized Russian edition.CD518959699512007RussiaNA
year zeroTaiwan issue, very glossy packaging.CD518959699512007TaiwanD
year zeroUkraine edition. Disc is not thermochrome.CD518959699512007UkraineD
year zeroUS standard CD release. `year zero` text missing from CDCDB0008764-022007United StatesB
year zeroSealed US standard CD releaseCDB0008764-022007United StatesE
year zeroHot Topic exclusive edition includes limited edition patch.CDB0008764-022007United StatesC
year zeroHot Topic exclusive edition includes limited edition patch. SealedCDB0008764-022007United StatesC
year zeroMisprint of standard US edition. Rear panel glued upside-down.CDB0008764-022007United StatesB
year zeroUS standard release, promo-stickeredCDB0008764-022007United StatesC
year zeroUS BMG edition. Disc is not thermochrome. No sticker on front.CDB0008764-02 (D171283)2007United StatesC
year zeroBest Buy edition includes free interview download.CDB0008921-02 (B0008764-02)2007United StatesD
year zeroUS promo edition, watermarked and labeled.CDnone2007United StatesS
year zeroUnauthorized Indonesian cassette.cassnone2007IndonesiaNA
year zeroEdition for EU distribution.vinyl 12B0008764-012007European UnionE
year zeroUS vinyl edition of Year Zero. Labeled as Halo 24v.vinyl 12B0008764-012007United StatesE
year zero samplerFour-track watermarked sampler.CDnone2007United StatesA